My name is Douglas Mullenix. I am a Republican running for U.S. Congress because like so many of you, I’m tired of seeing our country sit void of effective leadership and seeing Wisconsin continuously under-represented on the national stage. The time for action is now. In 2022, I want your vote for Wisconsin’s Sixth Congressional District on August 9th, 2022.

A leader that will take time to get to know you

I’m running for U.S. Congress because I’m not just going to sit back and criticize what’s happening in America, I’m stepping up to do something about it.

Our current representative, Glenn Grothman, has been in Congress for the past eight years but now is the time for a change in the district’s leadership. I have talked to so many people who do not know who Glenn Grothman is and my question to those people is this:

If you don’t know Glenn Grothman, how does he know you and what’s important to you?

I am running for Congress because I believe Wisconsinites deserve a new leader, one who will listen to them and help create a better life for them. I will make sure your voice is represented in Washington D.C. and that I’m doing the work that gives you the ability to create your future.

Your voice should lead the conversation, and I will make that happen.

Starting today, let’s choose a better future together.

Tell me what’s important to you.

What’s my platform?

Months ago, I launched my campaign taking a different approach to politics. Rather than dictating to the district what a campaign platform should be, I rather took the viewpoint that the citizens themselves should shape the narrative. Grounded in 4 pillars of improving the economy, healthcare, education, and the way we take care of veterans, I sought to have the community shape the rest. What initially proposed to be 120 days of learning turned into a longer stretch, but ultimately led to a more complete, genuine approach to a political campaign. Below I lay out what I have learned, and ultimately will to propose to Congress. 

I would like to reiterate that the process of listening and learning will never be complete. Thus, please continue to write in, share your stories, and let me know how I can make a difference once I get to D.C.  

I want to hear from you. What matters most to you?

  • Are you okay with the way you are being represented?
  • What do you think about the current state of the economy?
  • How were you affected by COVID-19, and what are your concerns moving forward?
  • Is the educational system meeting your expectations?
  • What can I do to make a difference that improves your life, health and overall well-being?
  • Do you feel secure here in the Sixth District? Has the Russia-Ukraine War changed your viewpoint on matters?
Travis Mullenix, Douglas’s grandfather

How did I get here?

My grandfather’s story epitomizes the American Dream. He grew up as one of six children to a north Texas sharecropper during the dust bowl era of the depression. At 14, he forged his birth certificate to enlist in the Marines during World War II, and after years of service, he used his G.I. Bill benefits to go to the University of Texas. After graduation, he began work at Ralston Purina on the plant floor and over time, rose the ranks to ultimately be a top executive of the company.

His story reflects the power and uniqueness of America- that we are all free to pursue whatever future we desire for ourselves and our families, no matter the starting point. This independence is at the heart of our country. Unfortunately, this freedom is at risk as the government continues to grow in size and ultimately in intervention into your life.

Growing up, I had the opportunity to live all over the world. Noteworthy locations include living in Venezuela under dictator Hugo Chavez’ rise to power, and living under the socialist economic system in Paris, France. This allowed me to not only experience several different cultures but also to witness first-hand the impact different political systems have on citizens’ lives, ultimately solidifying my viewpoint on the power of the American Democracy. This experience is also the reason I call Wisconsin home. Nowhere have I found a more welcoming, honest, and hard-working community than that which I saw when my family relocated to Menasha.

These American values are under attack in Washington, and I am here to fight for freedom from government intervention so people can live their lives the way they want and create their own futures. We’ve seen the resiliency of the American family just this past year. Virginia and Glenn Youngkin showed that parents will not sit idle while their children’s education is depleted, and we have seen similar movements here in Wisconsin pushing back against Governor Evers and his enablers. 

Previously, I worked a career in finance and healthcare consulting that spanned several different industries. My work is Private Equity focused on growth strategies, helping small and mid-size businesses find the resources and strategies needed to reach their potential. My role in healthcare consulting focused on helping small providers streamline their financial, health insurance reporting, and billing systems in order to provide foundational stability, allowing the provider to focus on the care they were delivering. I attended Emory University as an undergraduate attaining a BBA degree, and completed my MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. 

However, like so many others, the COVID-19 Pandemic disrupted my career as many of my clients were deemed “unessential”, leaving me underemployed. This led me to turn my efforts towards helping others who had been put in a position like mine.

Wisconsinites are hard-working and innovative people. Let’s work together to create a better future.

What will we bring to Washington D.C.?

I have listened to you for months, and now feel confident bringing forward a list of your concerns and visions to Congress. The following will always be grounded in four core foundational beliefs:

  • Expand Veteran’s benefits and remove hurdles to their access. 
  • Promote a business-friendly economy that restores energy independence, curbs spending, and keeps the United States competitive with the OECD nations.
  • Improve Education by pushing for school choice and improved access to higher education.
  • Tackle the growing mental health crisis in the country. 

The Following are expanded proposals to address these needs:


Our gratitude to the brave military veterans cannot be overstated. It is time to take care of them. I am calling for:

  • Eliminate the PTSD “Provable tied to Military service” requirement for Veterans. Any veteran with PTSD should automatically qualify for full benefits allotted under the program. Currently 30% of Veteran’s PTSD requests are denied.
    • Expand medical care options for Veterans with Disabilities to be accepted by all Health Care Providers.
    • Allow Disability evaluation procedures to occur by the Doctor of the Veteran’s choice. 
    • Eliminate the VA’s ability to ever reduce your PTSD rating. Currently, the VA has the option to lower your PTSD level in the future. There is no excuse for adding this stress to a veteran with PTSD. 
    • Eliminate the 100% PTSD-Veterans cannot work rule. If a Veteran with 100% PTSD finds a job they can manage, they should not have to decline the offer out of fear of losing their benefits. 
  • Expansion of The Military GI Bill
    • Expand funding to increase allottable tuition.
      • The current max allowance is $25,162.14 per annum. (Note: Marquette cost is $45,666/year).
    • If the Veteran chooses not to use the GI benefit themselves:
      • Decrease the years of service required to transfer the benefits to a child from 10 to 6 years.
      • Eliminate the need to specify a dependent while in Active-Duty Military.
      • Expand transferable benefits to include all children of those who served. 
    • For those who have used the GI Bill
      • Introduce a child tuition savings program to give them access to secondary education. 
  • Increase Military salaries by 10%, with an annual increase of that equal with the growth of GDP, to keep pace with inflation.

Our Country, Our Proposals

Economy: Unlike the Biden Administration, America has moved past Covid and is ready to get back to work. 

  • Return the United States back to Energy Independence:
    • End the ban on Fracking on American Lands. Even for Climate Change purposes, the science does not support The Biden Administration’s policies. 
    • Greenlight the final portions of the Keystone XL Pipeline, while removing leniency for Nord Stream 2. 
    • Renew the leases on ANWR drilling.
    • Suspend the Federal Gas Tax.
  • Curb Spending, including an opposition to The Biden Administration’s Build Back Better Spending program. 
  • Solidification of the Trump Tax cuts. Our Business Environment must have tax structures competitive with those of the other OECD nations.
    • Elimination of double taxation of foreign earnings

Education: Once inconceivable, our education system has become the next political weapon and recruiting tool for the Democratic Party. Despite having great and caring teachers in our public schools, the Teachers Unions and Officials, have become too disconnected from the interest of the Parents. 

  • Educational Funding should follow the student, not the corrupt unions. If your child’s slated public school is not doing their job, your child should not suffer.  
  • Investigate Predatory Pricing Tuition Hikes amongst Private American Universities. This can be done by removing Student Debt from the category of unforgivable debt through bankruptcy. 
  • Incentivize Employee tax code to pay off student debt of onboarding employees, with higher tax benefits given to small businesses. 
  • Increase funding for trade school programs.

Healthcare: Our Healthcare has become a political tool for politicians. Lost in the pursuit of power, are the true needs of Americans. The Affordable Care Act is filled with special interest loopholes that have not been fixed. While the politics of Covid took over, politicians and media ignored the growing crisis in Mental Health Care.

  • Focus Public Health measures on tackling the dangerous rise of the Mental Health Crisis in this country.
    • Re-allocate current government spending to invest in programs that promote the education of Mental Health Professionals.
  • Raise the Affordable Care Act’s loophole-filled, low requirement of Mental Health visits to adequately reflect the proper amount of treatment needed. 
  • Establish Mental Health visits as “medically necessary” under law, preventing insurance companies from denying patient claims.

Our Country, Our Proposals

Foreign Affairs: Recent events have shown it is time to restore America’s image as the Global force for Good. This means defending our allies and opposing our foes. 

  • Full support of the Abraham Accords in the objective of normalizing peace in the Middle East, with full acknowledgement of Israel as our top ally and humanitarian leader in the region.
  • Complete rejection of the BDS Movement and continued financial support of the Israeli Iron Dome system.
  • Increased security and renewed funding for the securement of the Southern Border. 
  • Provide Military support for Ukraine in their fight against Russian Invasion. 

Farming & Dairy: We are the dairy state, unfortunately D.C. does not listen to Wisconsin Farmers when drafting policy. They only are interested in our votes.

  • Review of Biden’s stimulus package which placed racial preference on financial support amongst farmers.
  • Support the prohibiting of the sale of Raw Milk to ensure the safety of the products on the market and the ability of Dairy Farmers and Producers to safely distribute their products. 

Human Rights: It is imperative that all Americans enjoy the same core rights, and have a prosperous environment which to live under. 

  • I am a huge proponent of conservation and of the Pittman-Robertson Act. I strongly oppose Glenn Grothman’s efforts to repeal Pittman-Robertson, and will take steps to reimplement the policy should it be repealed.
  • Introduction of Presidential and Midterm Election days to be recognized as federal holidays. All Americans should have the ability to vote in person.
  • Support legislation that establishes a woman’s right to complete autonomy of her body and subsequent healthcare decisions. Currently in Wisconsin we do not have exceptions for Rape and Life of the Mother.
  • One of the most common requests amongst Veterans is for the legalization of medical cannabis. Given the tremendous healthcare benefits for those suffering, I will help introduce legalizing legislation.
  • Provide Incentives for the research of Climate Change combating measures. The solutions to Climate Change are not in the Green New Deal, a package filled with soon-to-be outdated technology, but in the innovative discoveries we will make through proper R&D. 
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